About Illanoyze Inc.

In a society that increasingly places a disproportionate emphasis on the “needs” of the wealthy, we began Illanoyze on April 1, 1998 to provide an array of services to the disenfranchised in the form of clothing, shelter, entertainment and information.

Our principal means to achieve this goal presently is fashion, as we sale an assortment of hip-hop influenced hats, t-shirts, sweaters and other accessories to provide much of our company’s resources. Before long we hope to be able to design suits for Denzel to wear for the Oscars.

Illanoyze offers comfortable, fashionable garments at highly affordable prices that the competition is largely unwilling to match.

Our desire to provide unique, quality products at an affordable rate separates Illanoyze from the competition. As we progress, we intend on having our garments in stores nationwide and offer direct online purchases by 2003.

It is our hope that revenue from the fashion leg of our organization can allow us to more aggressively pursue our other ambitions.

One of the major goals for Illanoyze is to acquire property for both residential and commercial uses, perhaps by 2005. From here, we hope to expand within the next 10 years into entertainment where we can get involved in music, TV and film. By the time we are halfway through our second decade, we hope to launch a socio-political magazine targeting African-American young adults. This magazine will be a cross between the now defunct Emerge and the entertainment monthly, Vibe.

It is our hope that we can make at least modest steps toward some of these goals and help to make the world a better place in the process.


By providing fine garments that can be purchased without mortgaging your house. By providing property in vibrant neighborhoods at rates that keep in mind the growing needs of the American family. By taking music back to times when it had substance and didn’t focus strictly on sex and materialism. And finally, by disseminating valuable information to those whom the media forgot.

We’re trying to make some noyze in a world growing increasingly silent from the roar of oppression, injustice and misery.

That’s our mission. What are you doing to break the silence?

Make some noyze.


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