Bios – Hasan Muhammad

wack niggaApart from being a founding member of Illanoyze, Hasan has a background in Business Operations that spans  20 plus years, leading successful teams for  several Fortune 500 companies which shall remain nameless here because no check was cut – AT ALL.

During that time period Hasan also had an opportunity to actively pursue one of his great passions, Music (most notably Hip-Hop), while serving as C.O.O. of Blakbox Dynasty, Inc., a Chicago based independent.

“Its important to me that llanoyze remains a bastion for Hip-Hop purists.  So much in our society today is geared toward instant gratification, where the kid with the hot single magically becomes the Greatest of all Time, and the great works of KRS1, Rakim, NAS, Common, Run DMC, L.L., Kane, Gang Starr, EPMD, and The Roots (just to name a few), are suddenly wiped permanently from our semantic memory.  All is not lost in the Man-Tanian era, however, with the emergence of Sean P., Phonte Lupe, Blu, Skyzoo, and others.  Hip-Hop has a pulse, and a chance to repeal the death sentence issued by NAS… “


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