Bios – Troy Mackey

Troy Mackey was born on April 3, 1965 in Harvey, Illinois. Troy and his wife, Andrea, now live on Chicago’s South Side with their son Troy. The birth of his first child in 2010 gave Troy extra motivation to take Illanoyze to even higher levels as he says that his son gave him a renewed sense of urgency to ensure that he has something tangible to leave behind. “I want my son to have his own business, to have his own way and not have to depend on anything that somebody else is doing,” Troy says. “Leaving something that I can pass onto him will make it so he can compete in the global economy.”

Through work experiences that have seen him do everything from drive trucks cross country to laboring as a welder, Troy has brought a diverse skill set to Illanoyze that has proven to be invaluable.  Always aiming to stay ahead of the curve, Troy recently returned to school where he earned an Environmental Protection Agency certified Universal Card that allows him to install heating and air conditioning units. In his downtime Troy’s hobbies include vintage house music, optical illusion art work, horror movies, pool and Japanese Anime.

While never one to shy away from hard work, Troy was professionally discontent through most of his career. Troy said that he spent years unhappy and depressed for no apparent reason, saying, “For the life of me I couldn’t understand why on the surface it appeared as though I had everything, two living parents who loved me dearly, good friends, a good paying job and all the toys and trinkets one could wish for, and yet, I was still unhappy. Life was teaching a class, a class that like most of us I chose to be absent from. Life pushes and challenges us more than we could ever do in any school in the land. Life also attempts desperately to wake us up, wake us up to the untapped potential that lies within us all.”

Troy says that this void in his life was filled when he joined Illanoyze, Inc in 2000. Troy recognized early on the great challenges that came along with running his own business. Most people never answer the bell because they fear that a failed risk is greater than the excitement of success. However, Troy finally answered that bell because he felt that life was pushing him towards other like-minded individuals that had their creative juices flowing within them, and who were willing to pool their resources together in an effort to create something from nothing. Troy saw Illanoyze as an opportunity to work collectively to encourage and empower those in the black community, who he felt had lost sight of the big picture.

In 2006 Troy literally began working to show Chicagoans the big picture through his role as the lead cameraman and producer for Channel 19-Chicago’s “Noyzemakers: The Talk Show of Hip-Hop, Politics and Entertainment.” After becoming certified to work a camera and do video editing at CAN-TV, Troy has used his weapon of choice for the past five years to capture the essence of Chicago, while giving the audience a front row seat with Chicago’s leading movers and shakers. Troy has used his lens to expose his fellow Chicagoans to different aspects of the city that they may have been previously unfamiliar with, while simultaneously expanding their imagination of what’s possible in the City of Broad Shoulders.

Troy’s work behind the scenes of “Noyzemakers” allows him to provide the kind of modeling that he hopes to impress upon his son, and the entire black community. “Stand and take notice while we make Noyze,” Troy says. “Noyze of hope and potential with growth and empowerment.  Hear us and feel us……. as we make NOYZE.” And with Troy behind the camera, he’ll make sure that you watch him make Noyze as well.


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